A lot of people are worried about eating too much vegan food and too little protein… especially those who work out and hear that they need a lot of protein to build up their muscles.

My answer to these people is simple: this is all myth!! Yes, there is tones of protein in meat – but is it good for you? the truth is, that you can get enough protein (and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs) from a plant based diet. When you eat meat (and chicken. and sea food.) you get too much protein, which creates an excess of protein in your body and leads to deadly disease and faster aging.

Also, meat comes as one package with many toxins, GMO (the animals food is made out of GMO plants) antibiotics and hormones. And even if you buy organic meat it has hormones within, as most cows are breast feed (well, they must give milk during all their life to be as profitable as possible) so when you eat their meat (and drink their milk) you get many hormones (especially progesterone… not the best for your health!).

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The New York Times

The New York Times just published an article about it. Based on important researches, they got into the next conclusion - click here



Harvard  university


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