July 25, 2016


Last Sunday I took my son to have brunch with me in some fancy vegan restaurant. I had my green salad and he had pancakes. He loved the pancakes. They were vegan and gluten free. And also, extremely expensive…

Today, he asked again for those pancakes. So I decided to take a chance and try to make a real home-made vegan, gluten free pancakes, all by myself, according to different recipes I found online plus some necessary changes. I knew that I’m taking a risk here and that I might have to throw some good ingredients away and have hungry kids waiting too long for their dinner, if things will not work out well.


So I’m happy to tell you that things not only went very well and that the kids ate all the pancakes, but also that my son told me that my pancakes were even better than those in the restaurant! And of course, these pancakes are pretty healthy (well, not healthy as fruits and veggies – but – you know, way healthier than the non-vegan processed wheat version of them… for sure!).

What you need:

3/4 cup chick pea flour
1/2 cup rice flour
1 spoon baking powder
1 cup almonds or soy milk (I used almonds milk, unsweetened)
2 spoons maple syrup
optional: 1 tbs vanilla extract (the pure one)
A bit of coconut oil for frying


What to do:

* Mix all the ingredients in large bowl until you get a liquid mixture.

* Add coconut oil to a wide pan and fry the pancakes (use ladle to pour the pancakes to the pan)

* When you see bubbles on top of the pancakes you have to flip them around.

Serve with maple syrup and fruits on top. Delicious and healthy!


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