July 25, 2016


Prepare yourself! It’s SOOOOO yummy and taste pretty much like a ‘regular’ dairy ice cream that you would have buy in your pre-vegan days! Only that in the old days you used to get an ice cream that is full of white sugar (who said satan in a white little dress??), chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives.

This vegan ice cream recipe, however, is totally natural! Yes, it’s sweet, and it has its calories, but it’s super healthy and will never harm your body! You want it for your kids, for your guests, for yourself! Personally, I want it for the entire world 

What you need:

* 2 RIPE bananas, first sliced and then frozen for about 2-3 hours (ripe – must be very yellow with some brown spots. Don’t try this recipe if they don’t – please wait. You will bless me for that!)
* 1 date
* 1 spoon cocoa powder 


What to do:

Blend all the ingredients in a strong blender.

Once you got the ice cream ready, serve it with fruits on top: strawberry or any other beautiful fruit that you like.


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