July 25, 2016


This one is very simple to make, super-healthy and fun! I got the Idea for this recipe from Fully-Raw Kristina (she is AMAZING!!! All of us can learn a lot from her). I changed it a bit (for example I added salt, as people who are used to salt will find it a bit dull without). For me personally it is delicious without salt.

Only one down side: everyone finish them before you have a chance to say ‘raw sandwich’! Yummmmm!

What you need:

For the avocado spread:
* 3-4 ripe avocados
* 1 green onion (green part only)
* Handful of fresh basil leaves
* 1-2 Spoon hemp seeds (a matter of personal taste)
* Salt to taste


For the sandwiches:
* 1 Large cucumber, sliced by mandolin to a very thin long slices
* 1 Red pepper, sliced (as thin as you can)
* Handful of fresh coriander
* Handful of fresh Chives (cut to about 1 inch width)


What to do:

First, make the avocado spread: blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Please control yourself and don’t eat the whole thing before you put it into the sandwiches!!

Now, lay the cucumber slices on a plate and add the other sandwich ingredients together on one side only. Then, simply roll the other side of the cucumber to create a nice sandwich roll. Use a tooth pick to make everything stand nice and tall! You could also use cocktail’s little umbrella to make things look sexier


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