July 25, 2016



You probably wonder now: what does she mean by ‘low fat vegetables salad’?? Vegetables salads are low fat anyways, right? wrong. Sorry. Most vegetable salads that you are eating, either outside or at home, are full of fat. As you may guess already, the fat is in the sauce / dressing. A friend once told me that when he is going to a fast food restaurant, he is not sure what has more fat: the hamburger (god forbid!) or the salad dressing…

Yep; even if you are making your own home made salad, with only 1 or 2 tbs of olive oil, you are getting lots of extra fat. You can say, and be right – that olive oil in a salad considered ‘healthy’ fat, but when you are eating it with other fat foods during the day, or if you are fighting disease such as cancer or diabetes, or if you simply would like to lose weight, than this fat counts. And you want to avoid it, only that you don’t like your salad to be boring and tasteless. So what would you do?

There is one great little trick to enjoy a great, rich, tasty salad without needing any oil: adding fresh chopped herbs and fresh lemon juice (fresh only!) to your salad.  Herbs could be parsley, dill, coriander or basil. Chop them really well. It will enhance your salad, make you forget that there is no actual oil in it. Of any kind. Amazing!

This salad is one of my all times favourites:

What you need:


* 3-4 tomatoes, chopped well
* 3-4 small Cucumbers, chopped well
* Handful of: dill, Parsely, Corriander, Basil, or a handful of all of them mixed (or just some of them – be creative and chop them well)
* Fresh juice of half lemon
* Sea salt to taste


What to do:

Mix it all in a bowl. You may eat it with 1-2 whole wheat bread slices (dip the bread in the salad natural sauce – it’s super delicious!!!)


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