July 25, 2016


This is an amazing recipe for everyone who loves eggplants like I do! I find eggplants delicious and healthy, and I can have a whole meal out of them alone.

I got this very easy and simple recipe from a Mediterranean restaurant name “Dr. Laffa” in Toronto. They are not vegan, and so I had to carefully find my vegan options on the menu. I don’t like to order something that usually comes with meat and ask to have it without the meat, as it will most times be tasteless. I like to choose dishes that were made without animal Ingredients at the first place.

These grilled eggplants were grilled on a fire grill – not the one that works on gas. So the taste was better. If you have the option to use a fire BBQ grill – go for it.

What you need (for one person):

* 1 big eggplant.
* Tahini to taste. You can find the recipe here. Only use 1-2 spoons of it on the eggplants
* Fresh coriander.


What do do:

* Grill the eggplant (fire grill is the best, but oven will work well too) until it is ready and dark.
* Put in a serving plate and sprinkle the tahini and coriander on top. Serve hot.


Super yummy and healthy!!

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