July 25, 2016


Ever noticed those little stickers on fruits? Did you know that these can be your source of information about how the product was produces/grown?

For years I used to buy fruits and vegetables without thinking about those ‘tags’. In my mind, it was just about the brand, country or the kind of product. Little did I know that these information can be so valuable to my health.

Every little sticker has a number on it. The number represent the PLU code (price look up). But there is more to it!

For conventionally grown fruit, the PLU code consists on 4-digits number.

Genetically engineered fruit has a 5-numbers PLU, starting with 8.

Organically grown fruit has 5-number PLU, starting with 9.


This is how it goes (I use Apple as an example):

For conventionally grown apple: 4011
Genetically engineered apple: 84011
Organically grown apple – 94011 


Please share this valuable information with the people you care for and with the world.

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