July 25, 2016


Before we start, I’d like to tell you a secret: people are using this dish to sell houses! Apparently, the smell of the apples baking with cinnamon is so delicious sweet, and give such a good feeling of home, that people are baking it when they show their house for sale!

So, there is a warning: your whole house will smell like a sweet cinnamon and apples dish! Don’t be surprise if your neighbours will show up to see what’s for dinner!

When I feel really lazy, this is the easiest dinner I can think of… (or lunch… or snack, whatever!)

All you have to do is peel some apples (sweet-red will be better), sprinkle some grounded cinnamon on top, and bake in the oven until soft and yummy!

Both – apples and cinnamon – have tremendous healthy benefits, and I assure you that this dish will be satisfying.

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