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The care, the help, the kindness - you were there for me and you made me do it! Yes - I did it! I stopped counting calories and instead I focused on what I eat and oops - the kilograms went away! Thank you!

Anisha R.

Thank you so much for helping me lose weight. It was much easier than what I thought it would be. Now I look and feel so much better. I told my friend about you, who also wishes to lose weight and be healthier.

Sandra F.

Amazing results! I was happy to have a realistic, healthy program that allowed me to lose weight in a safe way. It was not just a diet - it is my new life style!

Esther R.,

I not only lost weight but also reversed my diabetes which was the greatest bonus I could ever think of! I will not exaggerate if I'll say that I never felt healthier, and I'm already 55 years old!

John A.

I have been suffering from migraines for close to 7 years, and had 20 extra pounds. The Innergy's method for weight loss is simple and true - and it works! It took me 2 months but I did it, no extra weight and no migraines! I can't be more grateful, as It's been 6 months ago and I'm still in the same weight, keeping it up, and no migraines! Their plan is simple to follow, healthy and most important - you never stay hungry!

Louise D. 

Neeva gave me the feeling that I’m very important for her; she truly cares and that was the key to my diet success! Her devotion and support were incredible. I strongly recommend her weight loss service. In my case the diet was even more important as I suffer from diabetes and Neeva’s program was perfect for me.

Rachel S.

The Innergy's weight loss plan finally got me a flat belly! After years of frustration, I lost 10 pounds that were a part of my belly for way too long... Their method is simple and - what a difference - healthy, so now it's a part of my life style - the way I eat, move, work, think. So I don't expect the old fat to come back anytime soon :)

David S. 
New York

I lost 15 pounds that were on me since giving birth 7 years ago! No other diet helped, and believe me - I tried many. The Innergy's excellent plan was very personal; they brought into consideration my lifestyle as a single mom that also work full time. The support was awesome! I felt that there was always someone to talk to, and I had many questions. I got all the answers and I made it happen! Very proud of myself and very happy with the Innergy's program, which I recommend to everyone I know, not only to lose weight but also to take care of things like high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases that are related to nutrition.

Kayla S.

I Started using the Innergy program a few months ago and must say while the weight loss is showing but more importantly my energy is always at peak level. Highly recommended!

Moshe H.

The beauty of Neeva's weight loss plan is that it is personal. I got a plan that was made especially for me and that made the difference. I lost the extra pounds without even thinking much about it. And it wasn't just a weight loss diet - it is more of a lifestyle. The weight is still off - 1.5 years later - and I never felt better.

Ron L.

The Innergy's method made me realize the connection between what I did and what I ate to the fact that I just couldn't get pregnant. So I gave it a chance! The result is a my beautiful baby girl, Emma. 

Jane P. 
Richmond Hill

Honestly, I never believed that one day I will not need to take pills to control my sugar levels. I was pretty amazed to see how Innergy's plan worked, and I also would like to say that the thing that helped me most was the personal support. I couldn't do it alone! Diabetes is a horrible disease to live with, and I'm so grateful to be healthy again! 

Dian V.

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