Innergy's Weight Loss Plan For Fertility

This Innergy's nutrition plan for fertility will be tailored to your needs and will include personal support with online or in-person meetings

The Innergy's method for fertility allows you to attain a healthy, light and energized body! 

Neeva Kedem, Holistic Nutritionist 
and the fouder of INNERGY

Not everyone know, but there is a direct connection between what you eat and your hormonal balance. Changing your diet can help you balance your hormones and allow a natural pregnancy! No medications, no pain, no stress! 

Now let's make it happen! 

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This plan is...

* Online (anywhere in
the world)
 with online
personal meetings (or

* Healthy & safe for all

* Personalized to your

Reasons to start...

  • Can't get pregnant?

  • Don't feel as energized and light anymore?

  • Truly eager to have a baby?

The Innergy's method consists of healthy & natural foods

You will be surprised at how efficient and strong your body can be when you provide it with the perfect fat-burning enzymes! 

Boost Metabolism

Vitamins, minerals, fiber,
anti-oxidants - everything your body needs in order to lose weight and be strong, healthy and fit!

Rich in Nutrients

Processed foods contain many different chemicals that slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight and being healthy.

Chemical Free

You can get pregnant. Naturraly.

While Eating Great Food
& Enjoy Life!

Getting pregnant might take longer than expected. Innergy offers a Fertility Diet Program for women who are trying to maximize their natural potential to conceive and enhance ovulation. 

The Innergy is here to offer you and your partner a way to improve fertility in a warm, positive and supportive environment where you can safely go through this journey.


Join our natural fertility program today.

* This is an online weight loss program (anywhere in the world) with optional personal meetings

I'm Neeva, and I'm a holistic nutritionist who specializes in healthy eating and weight loss programs. I've been through 7 years of fertility treatments that left me devastated. Only when I changed my lifestyle, I got pregnant... naturally! 

Up until the age of 40, I was always over-weight and constantly putting myself through a
roller-coaster of endless diets. After a lifetime of living in this unbalanced way, everything caught up with me and I found out that I had a serious thyroid dysfunction. This was the wake-up call I needed in order to change my lifestyle once and for all. After refusing to take pills prescribed by doctors and instead taking my health into my own hands through changing my eating habits, I've regained my health and full function of my thyroid, and as a great bonus, I lost all the extra weight!

Now, I have happily made it my mission and decided to dedicate my life to help others lose weight and gain health!

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The Innergy's method made me realize the connection between what I did and what I ate to the fact that I just couldn't get pregnant. So I gave it a chance! The result is a my beautiful baby girl, Emma. 

Jane Patel, Richmond Hill

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What's included in the plan:

Personalized Plan

You will receive a diet and life style complete plan that is tailored to your specific needs.
Every person is different and so is every plan! 
Having a personalized plan increase your chances to lose weight in a much easier way. 

Life-style Plan

Losing weight is so much easier when you are receiving clear instructions about how to live right and keep off the weight for good!
The plan includes tons of information and instructions regarding your meals, physical activity, how to eat, how to deal with situations and much more. 

Delicious Recipes
+ our Complete & Fit 4 set

You will receive a personalized plan that includes all the nutrients you need + weekly special, healthy & natural recipes that are easy to make. The recipes ingredients are available at every supermarket. All recipes are designed to leave you feeling full and happy, so you will never feel like you have nothing to eat!

+ Our Complete & Fit nutrition powders and salad toppers that will help you boost your metabolism and feel so much better!

Personal Support

I'll be there for you every step of the way! Personal support is a key ingredient in any successful diet. It makes the difference between one more diet, to the one where you really made it! I will listen to you, understand your specific needs, and then build the weight loss plan according to it. 

This fertility program is available online with optional personal meetings, so you can ​start your personalized program now from wherever you are! 

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What will you learn in the program?

You will learn what you need to eat in each meal

With exact instructions of how to eat and what to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy. 

With an exact instructions of how to eat and what to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy. 

You will learn how to get over your cravings for sweets and carbs

The need for sweets and carbs is caused by your body's needs of nutrients. Once we provide the body with the missing nutrients, the cravings will be gone!

You will learn how to prepare the most delicious & healthy (and easy!) recipes 

You will be amazed to find out how great healthy and natural food can be!  Some people think that healthy food is not tasty... this is not true!  Healthy food can be so delicious that you will ask yourself why you didn't start eating it a long time ago...

With an exact instructions of how to eat and what to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy. 

You will learn how to eat healthy... in restaurants! 

Restaurants food is usually full of oil, sugar and chemicals, even when it seems "healthy" at a glance. You will learn how to truly identify if a dish is good for you and make the right choices!

How will it feel to
get pregnant naturally?

This is your chance to make it happen - 
make your dream come true!

I'm here to help and support.
- Neeva

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