Frequently Asked Questions

* Free shipping for orders over $36
* The meals are good for at least 7 days (in the fridge) so feel free to order more than one!

How does it work?
We prepare fresh, delicious, mostly organic meals and deliver them to your door exactly one day after you ordered (weekdays only). So, for example, if you ordered on Tuesday, you will receive your order on Wednesday, and if you ordered on Friday, you can expect to receive your order by Monday. We deliver to your home or to your office address (or any address that is not a P.O. box!).

What are your delivery zones and times?
Our delivery zone is the city of Toronto.

Evening delivery times ranging from 5pm-8pm.
Morning delivery times ranging from 10am-1pm.


What is the charge for the delivery?
We offer FREE delivery for all orders over $36 (if you order less than $36 - the delivery price is $15).
Event locations at a park or picnic site or anywhere out of our delivery zone may incur additional delivery charges – please contact our office for more details. If an order is so large it requires two people and/or two delivery vehicles, or if there are access challenges (stairs, difficult parking, etc.), additional charges may apply.


What is the best way to contact you with questions or to place an order?
If you have any questions please call or e-mail us. We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Orders can be done online here. 

Can I pick up my salads instead of using your delivery service?
Sorry, but currently we only deliver. 

Will I be able to lose weight with your meals?
All of our meals are portion controlled and promote fat loss and muscle gains. Of course, in order to lose weight you will have to combine our meals with an appropriate weight loss diet and physical activity. Click here to learn more

How much protein, carbs, fats and calories per meal?
Each meal's description will have this information.


What can I expect when I order from 'the Innergy'?
A 100% vegan, gluten free delicious and healthy meals that are made out of the best ingredients (mostly local and organic). Your body will thank you! All of our food is freshly prepared from natural and healthy ingredients. We use NO preservatives, hormones or antibiotics.


Food Instructions
Keep the meals in the fridge. There is no need to warm up any of our meals. Simply open the meal's cover, pour the dressing in, blend and enjoy!

How do I order my meals and pay for them?
Order online here. We accept all major credit cards via Pay Pal. Paypal is safe, free, secure and easy. We do not accept personal checks.


Can I customize my meals?
Sorry, but we don't offer customized meals right now.


What if I have allergy?
Some of our meals contain nuts and seeds, so please note that we do have them in our kitchen and therefor each meal may contain nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, soy or seeds.
On the other hand, our kitchen is totally dairy, fish, eggs and meat free!

Is your food kosher / Halal?
Yes it is. However, currently we don't have any official stamp for 'Kosher' or 'Halal'. Our kitchen is 100% vegan and there is no meat, fish or dairy in it.

What if I'm sick or on medication?

We suggest consulting your physician before you start any kind of diet / meal plan.

Do you offer the option of auto-renewal?
Yes. Please contact us to set the auto-renewal program, so you will get your meals every week without thinking about it too much!.You can cancel your plan at any time (or change it). There is no commitment.


What if I go out of town during a scheduled salad delivery and need to take time off?
Please contact us at least 3 days before you are leaving and we will suspend your deliveries for the dates you provide.


What if I have a meal subscription and I'd like to cancel it?
You can cancel your meals subscription at any time. We require 3 business days notice prior to cancellation; you will be completely refunded for any unused portion of your plan. All plans purchased with a promotional rate and cancelled prior to the completion of the plan, are subject to be charged the non-promotional (regular price) price for days delivered. Remember, 'Ithe nnergy' meals are prepared fresh.


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