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Today, more than ever before, the world is experiencing a healthy food revolution; people are seeking healthier food choices either because they would like to stay healthy or because they experience health issues and challenges such as allergies and sensitivities. More and more people are trying now to avoid gluten, refined sugars, dairy, processed meats and the list goes on and on. If you would like to increase your sales by approaching a larger audience, I'm here to help! Adding some new healthy items to your menu, setting nutritional guidelines and improving existing items so they will appeal to more people.

As a business owner - Whether it's a restaurant, hotel or any other hospitality business, you are responsible for many people's health. By providing different food choices for others, you have the control of the food they will eat, and therefor, you have a certain control - and responsibility - for their health. If you offer more healthy food options in your menu, for example, than more and more people will choose them and - simply - be healthier. This is how we can create a positive change in people's health! 

Consultation is available in person (Toronto area) or via Skype. 

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