Anti Aging with Food 

Women-only Class

As we age, the look as well as the function of our bodies change. Digestion becomes less efficient. Tissues start wearing out. You may be challenged with migraines, weight gain, reduced immunity and more.

We can't stop the aging process, but we can slow it down!


Technology and medicine may help us with longevity, but how about life's quality? Looking and feeling young and vibrant, and live pills-free and disease-free is, in most cases, in our hands! 


Biological aging is based on lifestyle. Living a balanced lifestyle helps to prolong your life while unhealthy lifestyle speeds aging. A healthy diet prevents age-associated chronic health conditions and diseases. Chronic stress speeds the aging process. If you are chronically stressed, or if you eat the wrong foods for you, you are aging faster!

By eating a healthy diet, you may be chronologically older, but biologically young!


This informative class focuses on the best foods for building and maintaining collagen, preserving skin integrity and supporting detoxification. Find out which foods may be in your cupboard right now to keep you looking younger.

Learn how to approach anti-aging and beauty from the inside out. 

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